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Sohan Qadri

Sohan Qadri


Sohan Qadri

Ink and dye on paper laid on paper | 1987

14 x 21 inches

Medium : Ink and dye on paper laid on paper
Size : 14 x 21 inches
Year : 1987

Sohan Qadri(1932 - 2011)

A smart juxtaposition of both artistic as well as core spiritual elements depicted through rich motifs is what makes “Tantric yogi artist” (Named by Francis Newton Souza ) Sohan Qadri take a different stance than his contemporaries. Qadri mostly worked with ink & dye to produce a range of rich colours of Indian subcontinent on paper. He spent his formative years in India where at a tender age of seven he was brought up close and personal with yogic practices which left a lasting impact on his life and often reflected in his canvas as a fine matrimony of Tantric images to modern minimalist art. Qadri’s work has already found a place in mant a prestigious galleries like the Rubin Museum of Art, New York,  the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto and in several other private collections as well.