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Satish Gujral

Satish Gujral


Satish Gujral

Acrylic on canvas | 2014

42 x 42 inches

Medium : Acrylic on canvas
Size : 42 x 42 inches
Year : 2014

Satish Gujral(Born 1925)

Satish Gujral is a globally acclaimed painter, sculptor, architect and interior designer known for his monumental creations and experimental vision that lures one and all eyeballs. Gujral took to reading and drawing taking a cue from Urdu literature at a very young age, owing to his hearing issues and finally pursued art at the Mayo College, in erstwhile Lahore. He is looked upon among the pioneers of contemporary Indian Art who have made a significant contribution after Independence. Gujral is the only non-Belgian Architect to be awarded the "ORDER OF THE CROWN" following his designing of the Belgian Embassy, which in turn was adjudged to be included in the prestigious list of “1000 most outstanding buildings built in the 20th Century”. Gujral won the National Award on more than one occasion for his artwork and yet again as a sculptor. Shanti Niketan bestowed on him the highest honour "Desikottama" and he is also the recipient of Da Vinci Award by Mexico`s International Award for "Life Time Achievements”