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Paramjit Singh

Paramjit Singh


Paramjit Singh

Oil on canvas | 2018

36 x 23 inches
Medium : Oil on canvas
Size : 36 x 23 inches
Year : 2018

Paramjit Singh(Born 1935)

Paramjit Singh earned his Bachelor’s and PhD in Fine Arts from Delhi Polytechnic in 1958 and 1962, respectively. He was also a professor in the Department of Fine Arts at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi for close to three decades. Singh is known to entice art lovers with his thick coat pigments across mystical landscapes. His artworks essentially offer a panorama of everything under the sky woven into a different dimension, where one would lose or find his own self. Singh is a magician with the brush, equally adept in both realistic as well as representational style exploring the unknown bounties of the mundane world surrounding our existence. It’s needless to harp on the fact that, Singh’s work in itself is a profound creation and sheer delight for his viewers.