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Pakhal Tirumal Reddy

Pakhal Tirumal Reddy


Pakhal Tirumal Reddy

Oil on Board

15 x 18 inches

Medium : Oil on Board
Size : 15 x 18 inches

Pakhal Tirumal Reddy(1915 – 1996)

One of the major artists who played a significant role in introducing the concept of Modern Art , thus taking a cue from Europe. P T Reddy formed a group comprising ‘Bombay Contemporary India Artists,’ who were called as ‘Young Turks’. The group came into existence well ahead of ‘Bombay Progressive Artists' Group’ and depicted a range of awe inspiring creations. P T Reddy started working in the realistic style and towards late 1930s, emerged in his own style, which a wilful culmination of both traditional as well as post impressionism in equal measures. One could say that his passion towards art knew no bounds and was often found pending long hours in his studio experimenting with several mediums like watercolour, oils, etc. His body of sculptures is regarded to be his best creation ever. P T Reddy was awarded the Dolly Cursetji award for his murals and  Fellowship Govt. of India; 'Asthana chitrakar' by  Govt.of Andhra Pradesh.