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K M Adimoolam

K M Adimoolam


K M Adimoolam

Oil on canvas | 1998

30 x 34 inches

Medium : Oil on canvas
Size : 30 x 34 inches
Year : 1998

K. M. Adimoolam(1938 - 2008)

“...my canvases mirror my mind's journey through Nature - not as realistic landscapes or seascapes but planes of colors creating an esoteric aura on a transcendental level.– K. M. Adimoolam

A strange fascination and frenzy towards colours is what sets  K. M. Adimoolam apart from his fellow artists. His works are often super fine renditions of nature around us expressed vividly by spurring use of colours. It is through his canvas only that he persuades one and all to partake his vision and energy, where the canvas itself acts an as extended part of his brain and is perhaps described best in the words of the artist himself , “At least for half the stage of a painting, I act as a tool and only after that I overcome this challenge,”