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Ghulam Rasool Santosh

Ghulam Rasool Santosh


Ghulam Rasool Santosh

Oil on canvas | 1994

30 x 24 inches

Medium : Oil on canvas
Size : 30 x 24 inches
Year : 1994

Ghulam Rasool Santosh(1929 - 1997)

Ghulam Rasool Santosh will be remembered for his works inspired by Kashmir Shaivism which still stands as one of the finest instances of Tantric art embracing modernism. Neatly drawn lines and rich flow of colours is his signature style, thus evoking sensuousness and energy in tandem. Besides being a painter, he wa also a playwright, essayist and a poet, having supreme authority on Kashmiri Shaivism, and one out of a handful few to read an extinct Kashmiri script called Sharda.