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Ganesh Haloi

Ganesh Haloi


Ganesh Haloi

Water Colour on paper | 2008

13 x 19 inches

Medium : Water Colour on paper
Size : 13 x 19 inches
Year : 2008

Ganesh Haloi(Born 1936)

Mostly abstract in nature, Ganesh Haloi’s work bears a strong connection with one’s inner psyche, exploring one’s pain to offer his point of view. According to the artist, every human goes through a pain and this where one should leave everything else to know oneself, in a manner never done before. His artistic vision is guided chiefly by themes of pliability, calmness or devastation. His perspective is teemed with the philosophy of acceptance that is often depicted by the use of thick colours spread with uncanny ease. Ganesh Haloi is the recipient of Late R. N. Chakarborty Memorial Gold Medal from the Government College of Art, Kolkata along with a string of awards and accolades from Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata.