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B Prabha

B Prabha


B Prabha


H-16.5, W-6 inches

Medium : Bronze
Size : H-16.5, W-6 inches

B. Prabha(1933 – 2001)

Inspired by Amrita Shergill, B. Prabha emerged as a significant Indian artist with her signature style of “elongated figures of pensive rural women”. She primarily painted in oils where the canvas showed single colour dominance. Long before she passed, her works made it across fifty fine exhibitions. Her paintings formed the bedrock for the menu cards of Air India and displayed at the Air India Booking office, London. B Prabha was the very first artist whose artwork was collected by Air India which soon became a trend for the organisation and soon became synonymous with the works of some the celebrated artists of India to the likes of VS Gaitonde and M F Hussain.