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Abani Sen

Abani Sen

Abani Sen


Mixed media on paper | 1936

11 x 16 inches

Medium : Mixed media on paper
Size : 11 x 16 inches
Year : 1936

Abani Sen(1905-1972)

“In my paintings, I try to transform myself into the things that I paint, whether it is the radiant light or the darkest shadows. I surrender to the speed of the running deer or to the calmness, action or repose of the environment. I try to surrender to the object, whatever it may be, living, still or moving, and in this attempt, I feel the impulse of an eternal joy”.– Abani Sen.

Regarded as one of the finest Old Masters of Modern Indian Art, Abani Sen was known to have ushered in a breakthrough via the Colonial Academic Painting, while still staying true to significant aspects of Indian traditional art form. His long span of artistic career spans over 45 years, during which he taught and painted with similar vitality. His introvert personality and amusingly different perspective of looking at subjects rendered him alienated by many. As a result, the true recognition of his artistry came many years after his death. Sen’s animal studies are exceptionally brilliant when especially in the case of bulls and horses that were like a muse to him. He was awarded the Governor General's Plaque in 1949.