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Art Scene expanding steadily in Hyderabad

By Author : Siddharth RaoSourceTelanganatoday

Hyderabad: The art scene in Hyderabad has been growing steadily over the past few years with many art galleries giving the much needed platforms for new and upcoming artists.

Joining those galleries is the newly opened Moolagundam Art Gallery, which was opened on Monday. A brainchild of art connoisseur Krishna Moolagundam, this one aims to be a hub of art of all forms, with exhibitions, seminars, workshops, fests and more.

The inauguration of this gallery was done by the Ram V Sutar, who was in the news a few months ago for having designed the Statue of Unity. Sutar enthralled the audience with his art expertise when he drew a beautiful sketch of a woman in minutes.

In its first exhibition -titled Hallucinations, the gallery showcased rare works of 45 different artists from across the world.

“All of the paintings and sculptures on display here are from the personal collection of Krishna. We took great care in exhibiting some rare works, for instance, there is a painting by Birju Maharaj and another by Pandit Ravi Shankar, which is most likely the only painting done by him. It was a great challenge curating this,” said artist Anita Kulkarni, who curated this exhibition along with Vilas Kulkarni.

Art comes naturally to me

Well known sculptor Ram V Sutar shares his experience of designing the Statue of Unity with ‘Telangana Today’   

On designing the statue

It was very hard work. It took a long time as art was just a part of it. There were many aspects involving the architecture and engineering. All came together to make that huge construction. But I enjoyed it all and it was easy for me. For someone who knows his work and enjoys his work, it is easy.

Before and after the statue

I felt very proud and I feel prouder after it’s completed. It’s like a mother feeling happy when her child is praised, I feel very happy when people admire the statue.

On most challenging work

All of my works have been easy for me because art comes naturally to me. Art is also my heritage and my legacy as I’m from a carpenter family. A carpenter is someone who needs to know art, architecture and engineering and it is nothing but sculpture done with wood. I learnt it from my father and have been doing it since I was a child. So I don’t feel any work is tough.