Bhupen Khakhar

A renegade at heart, Bhupen Khakhar was perhaps one restless soul with unparallel intellect & frenzy, best defined through his works alone. Outspoken, liberal and incredibly expressive, Bhupen, a chartered accountant took to painting at a much later age.


The fact that he was self-trained probably offered him unlimited scope to scale up ideas in a way that only a few were capable. His artworks are primarily figurative and revolved around the human body and its many identities.


This was perhaps due to his self professed homosexuality evident in his works that bespoke path-breaking gender definitions and associated identity issues, occurring as a recurrent motif. One could also witness several references from Indian mythology in his works.


Often, his artworks bore strong comparison to works of David Hockney, but his indomitable style was unique and true to his inherent quality. Bhupen Khakhar is a recipient of the Prince Claus Award and the prestigious Padma Shri.



Art Work

Watercolor on Paper | 1980

16 x 12 inches

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