B C Sanyal

Widely respected and often regarded as the “Doyen of Modern Indian Art”, Bhabesh Chandra Sanyal commonly known as “Bhabeshda” to his students is a figure of inspiration for many in India. One amongst eminent masters of Indian Art, BC Sanyal practised and taught art for over three generations and stood to be a glorifying witness to three partitions of the subcontinent.


His artistic self saw him working mainly with oil and watercolours themed around the struggle of the human archetype heavily focused on economic deprivation. He was the founder of hugely influential artists circle Delhi Shilpi Chakra with fellow artists and friends like Dinkar Kowshik, K.S Kulkarni, Jaya Appasamy, Shankar Pillai, Kanwal Krishna & P.N Mago.

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Moolagundam Art Gallery, located in the heart of Telengana, is one of the most reputed art galleries in India with an awe-inspiring collection of modern and contemporary art,sculptures, and photographs.

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