B Vitthal

(1935 – 1992)

It won’t be wrong to say that studying at the J. J. School of Arts in Mumbai, was a pivotal point in life of artist B.Vithal. He took to the understanding of the core human form, impacting his sculptures and paintings. His works often expressed the intimate as well as personal forms with profound grace. It was also at the J. J School of Arts where he was introduced to B.Prabha for the first time, and the couple got married. They later and did a joint exhibition in the same year. The artist primarily worked on huge canvases with great ease. That he could float from one dimension to another through his work is what made his style distinct and unique. B.Vithal had no shortcomings when it came to playing with textures infusing life into a whole lot of depths.  The subject of his paintings ranged from horses, musicians, nudes and common people chiefly.

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